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At JRTC, our sole objective is to provide a single platform for students and recruiters to find the match they are looking for. Whether you're a student or a firm looking at recruitments, working with JRTC offers you many benefits!

For Students


The learners will get a Unique profile to monitor the progress and experience with the feedback on a single click.


Through this platform the learners can review and assessment of research work and articles and get right guidance by the professionals.


The learners can easily get their doubts cleared at any point of time and get the required guidance and counselling regarding the field, by experienced law and career professionals and of the country.


The learners will get to sharpen their skills and outshine others by performing extraordinarily and thus securing an excellent corporate internship.

For Law Internship Providers


The aspirants who have applied for internships through JRTC goes through rigorous process of selection to get the better ranks, thus the firm only gets an intern who has excelled in those tests.


Every year firms incur a significant amount of money on hiring interns. Through JRTC the firms without spending a penny can hire quality interns.


JRTC has got the backing of more than 50 retired high court judges, many professors of top law schools and an Artificial Intelligence software to screen the aspirants thus making the process more credible.


Through JRTC firms can get quality interns on a single click 365 day of the year without any fuss


With JRTC students and firms can get their internship needs at a single place making the process of internship extremely easy.

Top Law Firms that JRTC has served to.

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Top Legal Luminaries on Board

JRTC is affiliated with some of the brightest legal minds of the country.
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We at JRTC endeavor to provide a just platform, free from every bias and discrimination to all the law aspirants of the country. We want that every student must get a chance to prove his mettle and outshine others.
We judge the students on the basis of the ranks that they would be awarded on the basis of their overall profile (a.k.aSharkrank).
We at JRTC strides to create stability and a win-win scenario in the law sphere so that the firms can have a unique source of information so that they can intake only the best people.
We believe that a mind is like a blunt knife and it can only be sharpened if the right set of tools are available and the skills to do that.

It has been observed that the students of top ranked law schools are often preferred over students of lower ranked law schools. We at JRTC aim to give the right platform to the students to shine and showcase their skills at national level irrespective of the place or college they study in.Now coming back to the question as to “what difference would it make if you hire someone from us? “Well in simple words it will be that we don’t discriminate but just make the best shine over others.

We at JRTC believe that every person aspiring to make a career in law should be given a stage to perform and showcase his skills and talents at a national level. Now coming back to the question as to if we can assure the students that if we will 100% give you internships, then the answer is simple that we assure you to remove all the hindrances in your way to a top internship and if you have the talent and skills then there is nothing that can stop you from getting a suitable internship.

One of the drawbacks in the legal sphere is the biasness shown towards the students of top law schools over other law schools thus ignoring the ‘merit’ factor. We believe that this should end right away. We at JRTC have created an online platform which will certainly bring a revolutionary change in the industry of law where the students will have the perfect stage to showcase their skills and talent and get a chance to show the world , ‘who they really are’ and get the best internships only on the basis of merit and skills.

The reason as to the establishment of JRTC was to create a single platform wherein the students as well as the firms can have a single source of information and both the parties will not have to worry about internships, since it is an established fact that how much stress a law aspirant has to bear when it comes to finding a good internship. Similarly the law firms also have to scratch their heads and incur a lot of money when they look for good interns. In the end they end up giving internships to the students which are from top ranked law schools and many of which do not even possess the required skills, thus resulting in bias and talented students from low ranked law schools not getting the opportunity they deserve.
JRTC intends to create a win-win scenario for both the students as well as firms. The students will now only get good internships by showcasing their skills and not on the basis of the institution they study in. This will ease up the stress on students when they venture on to find a suitable internship. This will not only benefit the students but also the firms since they will get good interns without any fuss or incurring single rupee.
This initiative will have long term benefit since the students will only be getting good internships through their skills only thus India will have a better breed of lawyers thus strengthening our legal system.

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